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Saturday, June 15, 2002
On Thursday I watched Big Brother and then logged onto the Big Brother website to watch an interview with Alison who was the second evictee and who had broken most of the furniture in the house by the time she had left. There were about 2000 people online. It took sometime to get going but proved quite interesting. Alison seemed to be quite genuine but somebody had to go. I was pleased that Alex, the Armani model, was not evicted since he is quite funny and creates a lot of tension and thus quite a few arguements in the house. After Alison had finished her interview I stayed on the Big Brother chatroom to talk about the program. A lot of the talk was about Alex and whether or not he is gay. He is definitely pretty camp for a straight guy but who knows and he has a larger than life personality. There was a lot of chat about PJ and Jade canoodling under the bed sheets. General opinion was that PJ is a rat for ignoring Jade afterwards. He had the nerve to say that he didn't even like her. I guess the guy should be more careful the next time he gets drunk. On Friday I watched Lee get evicted from Big Brother. A bit of a romeo but ultimately a bit boring. The right choice for eviction. I think this series is better than the last which was only interesting for a short time with the development of Paul and Helen's relationship - "Oh my God!". Brian, the Ryanair air steward, was a deserved winner. I hope that Alex will win this one, but Spencer is the hot favourite. Only time will tell.

Also on Thursday and Friday, I watched the US Open golf. Tiger Woods played brilliantly and looks almost certain to win. He has to be the greatest golfer of all time, even better than Jack Nicklaus. It will be interesting to see how long he carries on playing. Can he maintain such intensity for another 20 years. Its interesting to see that US negroes are now starting to domiate middle-class sports with the success of the Williams sisters. Serena Williams winning the French Open tennis championship recently and her sister Venus Williams rated the number one player in the world. I think their backgrounds made them more determined and stronger mentally than all their competitors. It also indicates that racial prejudice is on the decline and that ability alone is the factor that decides how far people can succeed in life. Maybe Martin Luther King would be a proud man although there is still no doubt a long way to go, but the signs are positive.

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