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Sunday, July 21, 2002
Just finished watching The Open Championship golf which was won by Ernie Els in a playoff. A great tournament. My favourite player Justin Rose was in contention at one stage but had a poor last round.

The weekend is always good for radio programmes on radio four. My two favourites are From Our Own Correspondent and Letter From America with Alistair Cooke. When I was young I quite fancied being a journalist and travelling the world. Thats one of the reasons I keep a blog, to be able to write about things. Maybe one day there will be an international blog put together by foreign correspondents covering world events. This week on From Our Own Correspondent was a feature on poverty in China and the dangerous conditions under which workers have to operate under. I usually listen to Letter From America on a Sunday morning or in the middle of Saturday night on the World Service. This week Alistair Cooke spoke about the collapse in the Stock Market and how the US public basically ignored the President's claim that the economy was in good shape. Its hard to explain the magic that Alistair Cooke possesses but I think its a mixture of his sharp eye, dry wit and analtical mind that make him so interesting to listen to. It reminds me of a radio show called Lake Wobegon written and hosted by Garrison Keillor about a small town in the US which was full of sharp wit and comedy. There is something both calming and disarming in the American way of life. In mant ways they act like the rest of us but their influence on the world is immense. An insight into their character is always rewarding. Will they remain the dominant force in the world throughout the nesxt century or will China emerge as a threat to their position. I would love to visit both countries one day

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