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Sunday, September 29, 2002
So Europe won the Ryder Cup with Paul McGinley holding a putt on the last green. It was getting a little bit close and pretty damn tense until the Irishman put us out of our misery. I went to the Belfry with my brother, watched all the players on the 3rd green, heading for the International Pavillion for a quick bottle of Budweiser and then headed home to watch the conclusion on TV.

Other news this weekend concerned two well kept secrets. The first invloved John Major and his four year affair with Edwina Currie. It is amazing to think they kept the affair a secret for so long and I would suggest it points to John Major being a bit of a hypocrite bearing in mind his back to basics speech and his call for high moral standards. The other secret concerned an unreleased song by Nirvana which is getting airplay on US radio and may prove to be a hit on both sides of The Atlantic if its released as a single.

Thursday, September 26, 2002
This week Tony Blair published the Dossier on Iraq which highlights their intentions to develop chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. It will be interesting to see whether the UN inspectors will be allowed full access to the relevent sites or whether George Bush will send in the military to overthrow the regime.

For a more relaxing time you should rune into Holiday You Call The Shots which is on BBC1 on a Monday and features a different city each week. The viewers send in emails to tell the presenters where they should visit in the city. This week the featured city was Dublin

Tomorrow sees the start of the Ryder Cup. Hopefully, I will be going to watch the final day with my brother and will be able to watch Tiger Woods live in action. With a bit of luck, Europe can pull off a surprise victory and send the Birmingham and general British public home in a happy mood.

Sunday, September 01, 2002
The BBC do produce some excellent programmes. Today I watched Correspondent which told the story of the deforestation of Brazil. The growth in transport, the sale of mahogany and the growth in the producction of soya beans have all left their mark on the rainforest. Over a third of the amazon rainforest is at risk of a catastrohic fire which could wipe out wide chunks of the forest which could have dramatic affects on the local and global climate. The balance between the need for modernisation and the need to preserve the rainforest is a delicate balance. Only time can tell what the outcome wil be.

Another excellent programme is the History of Britain presented by Simon Schama. The series is being repeated. The first episode tells the story of the first 4,000 years or so of civilization. It started in the Orkneys where the remains of early civilization can be found. Socitey was surprisingly sophisticated for its time. The next step was the arrival of the Romans, followed by the Anglo-Saxons and then the VIkings. King Alfred The Great provided resistence and created the idea for the first time of an United Kingdom. Hopefully I will be able to watch the entire series. The beginning was most impressive.

On a personal level, I have started a work placement at Kate and Co an employment agency based in Solihull. HAving not worked for over six years I found it difficult to fit in and to find things to talk about. I have now complete two weeks just doing data entry and filing. The work is repetitive and a little boring, but at least it gives me a taste of the working environment. I have plans for the future. I would like to work for a web design company. Only time wil tell if things work out the way I desire.

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