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Tuesday, October 29, 2002
I have just finished watching Allies At War on BBC2 which tells the story of the relationships between De Gaulle, Churchill and Franklin T Roosevelt during the Second World War. The programme made fascinating watching and revealed some interesting facts. It turned out that Roosevelt disliked De Gaulle intensely and tried to prevent him from becoming President preferring to side with contacts who had supported the Vichy regime but had later changed sides. Churchill was persuaded to act against De Gaulle as well caliing him his "bitter foe" and signing a note in which he planned to ship De Gaulle to Algiers whilst the Normandy Invasion took place. It turned out that De Gaulles' popularity in France won the day and he became President.

Another fascintating programme on BBC1 yesterdays was Pyramid which gave an useful insight into the building and purpose of the pyramids and some background info on the Pharoahs themselves.

Monday, October 28, 2002
I have mentioned before that I have found a number of programmes on radio four of interest. One Such programme is In Business. A recent edition covered success stories on the internet which seem to be few and far between. One such company is Tesco.com which is perhaps not surprising. I have already ordered a case of Rosemount wine at quite a reasonable price, they are always doing discount deals to entice their customers. However, I was surprised to find out that a company called betfair.com is also among the success stories. It now claims to be the third biggest bookmaker in the UK. The unique thing about this bookmaker is that you actually make bets with other punters, the bookmaker simply takes 5% commission so I guess they can't lose once their advertising costs are covered. I opened up an account and promptly lost a little money. I managed to win most of it back and then cut my losses and transferred my money back into my bank account. I found some useful services if you are interested in this sort of thing which I would not necessarily advise since gambling can have disastrous results. For horse racing results and live coverage you should log onto attheraces.co.uk and for dog results try gonetothedogs.

Another website which contains loads of useful info is Palin's Travels which has info about all his travel programmes on BBC including Around The World In 80 Days and Pole To Pole. So having lost all your money at betfair.com you can contemplate The Meaning of Life by visiting this website.

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