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Wednesday, December 18, 2002
My friend Andrew has written and recorded some songs which are now available on mp3.com. Unfortunately, not too many people know that his music is available on the net so I have produced a website to help publicise his music in the hope that this will encourage him to write more songs and consider doing live performances. The website is called Birmingham Music Online and his basically a list of alternative bands which are available on the internet at mp3.com. I am presently trying to get the site listed on all the main search engines. Hopefully all will go well and few punters will find their way to his music page. While I was searching the internet I came across Birmingham Music Scene which is a platform for electronic music in the area. The site is really good and includes an internet radio station and a chatroom plus some very good links to other sites. The guy who runs the site also apparently runs the BIrmingham Music webring which consists of about 35 sites all linked together. I have a link to this webring on my own site. I also came across The Catapult Club website which promotes live music in Birmingham. It has info about the Jug of Ale in Moseley which has live music on most nights. On Sunday it has an acoustic set and on Monday it has an electronic music night with what apparently includes a psychedelic slide show to help conjure up the right atmosphere. The rest of the week is mainly rock music upstairs including Quids In night on Wednesdays.

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