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Saturday, January 04, 2003
I have recently come across what is possibly going to be the best song and video of the year. The group is called Tatu and their song is called All The Things She Said. I think they will probably get to number one. They are already top of the charts on The Box. The video is a little shocking at first but the passion and energy come shining through. The two girls are from Russia, Yulia is 17 and Lena is 18. I think they are going to be big stars. I just wrote a poem about their song. I hope you like it:
From Russia With Love
Two young Russian girls fall in love
A new generation ready to bloom
With a new attitude to survive the modern capitalist system
They write a song full of energy and passion
It literally blows your mind
A pulsating rhythmic beat
Rising to a dramatic drum thumping climax
Lyrics that are stunning in their power and simplicity
Pure emotion pumps out across the airwaves
Leaving you with the feeling that you have been struck by a hurricane
Yulia and Lena are destined to go far
They are a class act
All the trappings of success are sure to follow
Flash cars and clothes to match
Driving along Red Square
An expression of modern love
To hell with convention and conformity
Long live the new breed

I think it would be fun to visit Russia someday. Their culture seems to be going through some interesting changes at the moment. They seem to be intergrating into Western European culture and are not quite so cut off as they used to be. Perhaps they will join the European Community some day and we can look forward to a truly united Europe.

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