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Thursday, May 06, 2004
On Wednesday I went to Oxford to watch American band Explosions in the Sky. They are absolutely excellent. All the music is instrumental with thrashing guitars and drums, the sould rises and falls like a tidal wave of emotion. The concert was at the Zodiac which I had never been to before. I checked the location on the internet and printed off a map. I knew I had to get off at junction 8. So I passed J9 then J8A, I carried on a little further and then came to J6. I hate motorways!!! I got off the motorway I turned back and found J8 which of course was only on the M40 heading north. I arrived at about 6.30pm and head to the nearest pub to kill a bit of time and then headed off to the gig. The Zodiac looked tiny on the outside, but inside it was quite large. It probably had room for about 300 people. The support band was okay but a little dull. Finally, Explosions in the Sky arrived on stage. The first song built up slowly into a crescendo of noise and the crowd started to cheer. Unfortunately, after that, the lead guitarist started to have problems with his guitar or amplifier, he spent half the gig trying to get the damn thing to work which killed the atmosphere somewhat. When they all played together the music was electric and took me off on a uplifting spiritual journey. Overall, the concert was a little disappointing due to the technical problems, but for a few glorious moments the music was mindblowingly brilliant. I hope to see the band again sometime in the near future. You have download a live concert at archive.org which is an excellent site for live music, but it helps if you have broadband. It can take two days to download a concert otherwise. Fortunately with the Explosions in the Sky concert you can download individual songs. I strongly recommend you check ou their music.

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