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Sunday, January 22, 2006
So yesterday the whale that came swimming up the Thames finally died after great efforts to save its life. Hopefully, the death will not be in vain. Such a sight cannot help but inspire the imagination and raise the profil of these magnificent creatures. How many children will be encouraged to take an interest in marine biology as a result?How many new members and donations will the environmental charites such as Green Peace and Friend of the Earth receive?

It was a heroic adventure which will be talked about down the generations. Those who saw were blessed. They saw the glorious beauty of nature at work and witnessed the fragility of life as well. All those who watched on TV around the world will remember these last couple of days.

Here is a poem dedicated to the heroic struggle:

A Whale Came Floating up the Thames

A bottle nosed whale came swimming up the Thames
Sick and disorientated
What will be the outcome?
Nobody knows
The whale floats by the Houses of Parliament
The crowds gather on Westminster Bridge
The traffic all around comes to a halt
Such a fascinating site
A whale floating down the Thames
Such a magnificient creature lost and confused
So used to the massive expanse of the North Atlantic
Trying to find its way home
Helicoptors overhead monitor the progress
Under Battersea Bridge and the crowds are bigger and bigger
Children take the day off school to see such an astonishing site
One of God's most glorious creatures paying a visit to their town
Many years from now these children will tell the grandchildren
Of the day they saw a whale floating down the Thames
The experts tell us that the whale is distressed
The whale needs our help
The experts do what they can to return him to the oceanT
hey lift her with a crane and place him on a barge
They try to return him to the ocean
But time runs out
And the world mourns
A million starving children in Africa face death
But this event touches our hearts
A needless tragic death perhaps
Or a simple act of nature
But surely not a pointless death
A future marine biologist watches on
Only eleven years old
He is inspired by this site
And dedicates his life to protecting and understanding the creatures of the sea
A thousand people ring Friends of the Earth and sign up
Their donations will help in the campaign to stop the killing of Whales
One death may help to save thousands of others
Your struggle for life has touched all our hearts
This ordeal will be remembered for many years
The day a whale came floating up the Thames

Saturday, January 07, 2006
I recently heard a report on the radio about a Woman in West Bromwich who fell to her death falling from a loft while trying to get the Christmas presents for her children. It is quite a distressing story. At such a happy time how xould xomething like this happen? The truth of it is probably that we control our own actions and random events happen. I hope her children will not be permananently scarred by the event. Maybe as they grow up this event will make them stronger and help them to appreciate every moment of their lives. The following is a poem based on the news story:
Children's Tears
Young mother goes christmas shopping
Full of the festive spirit
Her young children wait anxiously for the big day
She tries so hard to make things special
Her husband did not hang around long after the birth
No long term commitments
Living for the moment
Oblivious of the consequences
Still time to make amends
She loves her children
She wants to spoil them while they are still young
The Christmas tree takes pride of place
All lit up with bright lights
The children have finally gone to bed
The young mother gets the ladder to the loft
And quietly starts to gather the presentsIt is going to be a great Christmas
As she moves the presents around
Her foot slips and she falls
Knocked unconscious
The children sleep quietly and dream of Christmas morning
Such a happy time
The mother remains motionless
As midnight strikes she slips away
She passes onto a better world
In which such accidents are unknown
How do you explain such things to the children?
So many sad memories associated with this special day
A dark shadow hangs over them
The Lord works in mysterious ways
Such events make us aware of our own fragility
Life is a precious gift
So celebrate these family occasions
We never know when those close to us will be lost to us
Only to be reunited in a higher place
Where all shadows are removed
And eternal peace shall reign
Children's tears rain down from heaven
In memory of all the fragile souls that have departed this earth
And those who remain behind
Share a thought for them as you eat your Christmas dinner
And cherish every moment of your life

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