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Saturday, February 18, 2006
I have just been watching Fast Track on BBC News 24. It was about the environmental cost of air travel. It is a complex problem and somewhat of a dilemna for many of us. We all want to travel the world and experience different cultures but at what cost. With all the cheap airlines such as Easy Jet and Ryanair and MyTravelLite growing all the time and increasing the number of destinations the temptation and desire to travel is increasing all the time. In many ways the economy benefits. Birmingham has visitors from all over Europe flying in on cheap airlines. How much damage is done to the Environment? There was an article in the Energy Bulletin discussung the subject. Will we find a way to reverse the greenhouse effect before it is too late? It is hard to imagine the climate of the planet changing dramatically. It takes many years to observe the changes and by the time we have all the data it may be too late. I don't know what the answer will be. I know that air travel will continue to increase. I hope that our desire to travel the world will not end up costing us the earth.

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