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Thursday, August 03, 2006
I have just been listening to two new cds by Dutch band Within Temptation. They are a cross between Evanescence and All About Eve. Great vocals and a dramatic delivery. I have also got a DVD which includes some of their videos. The one for Angel is absolutely brilliant. We tend to think we are at the centre of the musical world in this country but there is a whole scene going on in Northern Europe we know nothing about. All those Scandinavian kids getting blown away by great music.

Anyhow I was inspired to write a poem about alienation and redemption. It is called:

A Moment of Tranquility and Enlightenment

He was an outsider
They called him a freak at school
But this didn't worry him
He had always been an outsider
Wrapped in a veil of darkness
His secrets lay hidden away
He played the guitar
He learnt a few chords
And started to write his own songs
He listened to Nightwish and Within Temptation
I felt a bond, kindred spirits
He welcomed the darkness into his soul
Soon he would try to find a place in the world
He attended a few gothic nightclubs
And made a few friends
They decided to form a band
Their following grew
They performed in small gigs around their hometown
And then further a field around the whole of Norway
Soon they were climbing the charts
Their album went to number one
They started to perform at large festivals
The fans could be counted in the hundreds of thousands
This child was lonely no more
A hundred thousand kindred spirits calling out his name
So many lonely souls looking for a guiding light
All united together in a moment of tranquillity and enlightenment

I have added it to my gothic poetry website. I hope you enjoyed it. It would be great to attend on of those music festivals in The NEtherlands or Scandinavia. The atmosphere loos absolutely fantastic.

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